Special Consideration

Apply Online

Before starting

  1. The preferred Internet browser to use when applying is Google Chrome.
  2. Locate all the information about the assessment/s for which you are applying. See the course guide and/or Canvas as needed for the following details:
    • Type of assessment task (i.e. assignment, online assessment, test, etc.)
    • Weighting of the assessment (i.e. how much does the assessment count towards your overall grade for the course?) Note that this does not apply in Vocational Education (VE), where assessment is competency based.
    • Due date of the assessment (i.e. what is the scheduled date or due date of your assessment?)
    • Is the assessment individual or group work? (i.e. is the assessment completed on your own or with a group?)
  3. It is important to carefully check that the assessment details you provide are complete and correct before submitting your application. These details are essential for us to assess an application and provide accurate and timely outcomes.

    Please note that applications containing incorrect assessment details may be withdrawn.

  4. Read the Special consideration information page and the Assessment and assessment flexibility policy for further information about special consideration, including what circumstances are considered grounds for special consideration, and what are not.
  5. Please note that duplicate applications (i.e. applications for the same course and assessment, made on the same grounds) will be withdrawn.
  6. Please also note that supporting documentation you provide will be verified directly with the health practitioner or other relevant organisation. By proceeding you acknowledge that submission of false or misleading information in an application (including altering a supporting document provided by another person) is grounds for disciplinary action under the University's Student Conduct Policy. Falsifying documents is considered fraud and treated very seriously. Penalties may include failure for a course, suspension or expulsion.